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Naran to BabusarTop

For the thrilling experience of Babusar Pass, one must wait until mid Iuly, when the road from Ialkhad onward become accessible. With a height of I 3,687 feet (4, I 73 meters) Babusar Pass creates the border between the Kaghan Valley and Distt. Chilas of Northern Area’s. From the top of Babusar Pass one may behold a panoramic view of snow-covered peaks and sweeping mlleys. The British built a pony track across the Babusar in I892 to give access to Gilgit.Before this, the only route to Gilgit was from Srinagar across the Burzil. Passy until the building of Karakuram Highway, the track was the main route to Chilas and Gilgit.Today jeeps to Babusar can be hired from Naran. For those who want to make it a day excursion from Naran, it is advisable to leave early in the morning. The best option, however, is to enjoy an overnight stay at Basil or Burawai.The first village on the road to Babusar Pass is Batakundi, I6 kilometers beyond Naran. Nestled at the confluence of Siran Nala and Kunhar River, Batakundi offers travelers a rest house and two small hotels. Batakundi is a fertile area and is famous for the cultivation of good Quality seeds of potato and peas which are distributed across Pakistan. A 5 km jeep track from here leads right up to the Lalazar pasture.Continuing on the main road, one will reach Burawai after an other 8 km. Situated at the confluence of Joar Nala and the River KunharBurawai has PWD rest house and a small road side hotel. At the confluence of Noori Nala and River Kunhar, Ialkahd is the next stop after covering an other I I km. Few years ago, a jeep road from here has been constructed to link Kaghan Valley with Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir xta Noori Pass.Besal, a nomad settlement, is 23 km from Jalkhad. A road side restaurant offers tea and simple food to travelers who wish to observe nomad life at the conjunction of Purbi Nar, Saeedullah Nar and Kunhar River. From Besal, one can deviate I 5 km east to another beautiful area. Lake Dudupat Sar, famous for its lush green surroundings and good trout fishing. This lake is accessible by foot or hired pony. For those interested in the main source of Kunhar River and a pleasant spot of picnic, a three kilometer journey beyond Basal will take you to the beautiful deep blue Lake Lulusar. The largest of the Kaghan Valley lakes, Lulusar is surrounded in color by many varieties of wild flowers. A sense of culture can also be observed through the summer encampments of the Gujar nomads.Passing through the last summer settlement of Kaghan Valley at Gittidas I2 km from Besal), Babusar Pass is the end of Kaghan Valley. Along the way, Gujar nomads spend the summer months on this high pasture with their herds of sheep and goats. The last 7 kilometers to the top is a steep climb. A stone cairn marks the highest point of the pass. From the stone cairn marking the highest point of the pass. many take the time to enjoy the gorgeous vistas surroundings Kaghan and Babusar Valleys and the white topped snow mountains in the backdrop. Chilas town is 50 kilometers from here. From Chilas one can go towards Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu and other valleys of Northern Areas.